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Cosmetic Dentistry - Transform Your Smile

Our clinic for cosmetic dentistry caters to a plethora of cosmetic dentistry treatments using top-notch technologies to improve parts of your smile that may be distracting you. With cosmetic dentistry, The prime aim is to improve your smile appearance and make you more attractive. Beautiful smiles will enhance your confidence. 

At Digital Implant Clinic, we have a plethora of treatments using top-notch technologies to improve parts of your smile that may be distracting you. Our team of skilled cosmetic dentists in Dubai, with hands-on experience in empowering gums and teeth, caters to all the dental treatments associated with cosmetic dentistry.

Digital Implant Clinic: Where Your Perfect Smile is Within Reach

We understand the importance of having a beautiful smile, which is why we offer a wide range of dental treatments associated with cosmetic dentistry. Important cosmetic dentistry treatments:

A Deep Look Into Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is used to improve the appearance of teeth which is not necessary for overall dental health. The treatments and procedures associated with cosmetic dentistry are not necessary for dental well-being but it enhances an individual’s appearance and confidence. We offer a wide range of treatments to improve your appearance and our friendly dental team will have a proper discussion with our clients to finalize the type of best cosmetic dentistry treatment for our clients.

Common Teeth And Gums Problems Handled By Our Cosmetic Dentists In Dubai

  • Crooked teeth treatment –

    Do you have over crowded or crooked teeth that distract you often, especially when you take selfies or look in the mirror? Then we suggest you an inexpensive and effective procedure of either using braces or veneers. The solutions for adult orthodontics we provide take up to a maximum period of six months and you can get straight well arranged teeth.

  • Reverse stained and discoloured teeth –

    Have you felt weird while clicking photos just because of your yellow teeth? Do you often glance at your mirror worrying about your yellow teeth? Then it’s time to give a full stop to such weird and frustrating moments. We offer enhanced teeth whitening techniques to lighten your teeth and remove stains. Moreover, we provide a mini makeover for affordable and mesmerising whiter smiles. We suggest smile makeover’s to our clients if the discoloration and stains are severe and are impossible to remove with teeth whitening. Discolouration can occur for a wide range of reasons ie.., aging, caffeine, smoking, alcohol, food stains, and bad roof filling etc., In case, the discolouration is caused by a bad roof filling or a poor seal, internal tooth whitening with a revised root filing could elevate the colour.

  • Close gaps in teeth –

    The gaps between the tooth is one of the most irritating issues we face with our teeth. However, we can align, straighten and remove spaces between teeth which could in turn provide a beautiful and confident smile. At Digital implant clinic, we have the best cosmetic dentistry team who could deliver various solutions. The various solutions provided by our team for hiding or closing gaps include veneers, dental bridgeworks and implants.

  • Replacing old crowns –

    We use the highest quality ceramic materials to provide indistinguishable and long-lasting results for the repair of unsightly old, broken or chipped crowns.
  • Restore decayed tooth –

    With our best orthodontist in Dubai, we provide corrective dentistry to correct rotted or decayed teeth in line with aesthetic dental disciplines. Get our service, if you are dreaming of a fascinating smile that could elevate your appearance Common Teeth and Gums Problems Handled by Our Cosmetic Dentists in Dubai
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