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Tooth Extraction in Dubai

Painless Tooth Extraction 

Our main objective at Digital Implant Clinic is to protect and maintain your natural teeth’s strength and health for the rest of your life. To safeguard your teeth’ adjacent healthy tissues and to promote socket repair, it is essential to have the most precise, comfortable, and painless tooth extraction procedure possible. We provide painless tooth extraction in Dubai with the use of advanced equipment and techniques. 

Can Wisdom tooth extraction be painless?

Wisdom tooth extraction is a very precise surgical treatment that removes one or more wisdom teeth. Our team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons is the best Dentist in Dubai, who are experts and handle all operations to treat diseases, wisdom tooth extraction, and other disorders in the jaw. The majority of tooth extraction surgeries are performed in a single sitting under local anesthesia to minimise pain. 

Our surgeon carefully documents the patient’s medical history, their overall dental health, and the X-rays of the tooth that needs to be pulled. Sometimes a tooth cannot be immediately extracted because of an infection beneath it.

Painless Tooth Extraction Procedure

What Are The Types Of Teeth Extraction?

Simple extraction: Used on teeth that are readily visible inside the mouth. Typically, a dentist will use an elevator to loosen teeth from the jawbone before attempting to extract the tooth with the use of forceps.

Surgical extraction: It is a sophisticated and advanced approach to a simple extraction. We have oral surgeons with expertise in surgical extractions. In rare instances, sutures may also be necessary; these are taken out seven days after the extraction.

Tooth extraction using surgical equipments
Why Do You Require Tooth Extraction?

The final set of molars, or wisdom teeth, normally erupts in late adolescence or the beginning of early adulthood. When the wisdom teeth erupt smoothly and without any difficulties, they turn out to be useful. These molars may need to be removed if they emerge unfavourably and cause discomfort. When a dentist recommends having your wisdom teeth removed,

A wisdom tooth that erupts in the rear of your mouth may be impacted, which means it might not come out normally. Pain could result from the wisdom teeth becoming wedged in the gums or jawbone.

  • Incorrect angle: If a wisdom tooth develops at the wrong angle, it may press against adjacent teeth in a variety of situations. The teeth next to them could be harmed by this.
  • Jaw Size: One may have discomfort if their jaw cannot accept more molars, such as wisdom teeth. This may result in nerve injury and hollowing out of the jaw.
  • Cavities or gum conditions: Occasionally, the toothbrush or the floss may miss the region where the wisdom teeth are. This makes the teeth vulnerable to gum disease or cavities.
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