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Dental Cleaning, Scaling and Polishing

Maintain Your Oral Health With Dental Cleaning, Scaling And Polishing

Dental cleaning – No matter how effectively you brush or floss, there will always be difficult-to-reach corners of your mouth. It is consequently advised that teeth cleaning be performed every six months.

⁠To provide you with the most sophisticated dental cleaning in Dubai, our dentist in Dubai who are highly experienced implement several innovative instruments and procedures to remove plaque, and surface stains from your teeth.

Dental Scaling And Polishing

Teeth become yellow with age and continued intake of dark-staining substances such as coffee, tea, red wine, or cigarettes. Scaling and polishing of teeth is a technique that eliminates dental plaque, tartar, and extrinsic stains from the teeth’s outer surface. Scaling and polishing clean your teeth and help to prevent and control gum disease and makes the appearance of stains on outer teeth lighter.

Why do you require Dental scaling and polishing?

Saliva which constantly bathes our teeth includes calcium and other compounds that help strengthen and protect your teeth. Eventhough it is advantageous, it also implies that we frequently get calcium deposits on our teeth. Over time, this chalky substance will accumulate, like the limescale deposits at the bottom of your kettle. It can range in color from brown to black, but typically it is tooth-coloured and readily mistaken for a tooth.

Unfortunately, if tartar is allowed to accumulate on the teeth, it will create ideal circumstances for germs to flourish next to the gums. The main goal of cleaning and polishing is to keep the tooth surfaces incredibly smooth and clean. Additionally, bacteria cannot adhere to them and this helps keep the teeth clean during your usual daily hygiene routine. 

 What is the procedure for scaling & polishing teeth?


Plaque and calculus deposits are removed softly and without damaging your teeth using specialized tools. The ultrasonic scaler employs vibrations to break up tartar that has solidified and adheres to teeth and between teeth. Debris is also washed away with water spray. During the scaling process, the scaler may emit a high-pitched buzzing sound.


After scaling, polishing is typically done to eliminate stains and make your teeth feel smooth and beautiful. A soft, rotating rubber cup is used to polish. A special substance that resembles toothpaste called prophylaxis paste is scooped up into the cup and rotated on the teeth.

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